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From: "J. Luis Lujan"
Date: 2003-08-09 14:09:30 UTC
Subject: Ferry isn't suffering any longer. Thank you for your support.
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Thank you all for everything you said to me and for helping me through
the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my life.

After seeing Ferry deteriorate and stop eating (the last thing he seemed to
be able to enjoy), we decided to put an end to his suffering. We figured he
still had at least a few days to live, but at what expense? So we didn't
have to make a difficult decision while he suffered gasping for air?
Yesterday as we were going to the hospital, he started to get worse, he
couldn't breath and I had to breath for him to alleviate his suffering. We
were with him till the end.
He isn't suffering any longer.

Ferry, you're free to play again and do everything you liked to do. Let you
sister Minnie show you the way. We love you very much and you'll always be
with us.

Ferry's liver was in really bad shape, as well as one kidney. The tumor
wasn't a tumor after all. It was a pocket of fat (which my vet said had
only seen in cats) surrounding the left kidney. I don't know what condition
his heart and pancreas were in. I didn't think of asking at that time. The
only thing I know is that his lungs were filled with fluid despite the
lasix (I could hear the fluid).

I know he isn't suffering anymore and that is the only thing that matters.

Thank you all again.

-Luis, Wendy, Jordan (our soon to be born baby girl),
and Amber & P.J.

Jose Luis Lujan

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