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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2003-08-10 05:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: Bruising (Update)
Message-ID: <>

It looks like the TN panel is positive going by the elevated estradiol
I don't see the point in repeating it at all, there is a 10% chance it is
normal and the ferret still has adrenal gland disease- so it is a nice
to use in cases where the signs are so subtle, but can't be used as the
factor used to determine if the ferret has possible adrenal disease.

I guess the next step is to find out how sensitive the test results are
like if just that slight elevation is enough to say the test is positive.

IF it is, next step is to decide treatment options- surgery, medical
wait and see.

I don't think it is possible to hazard a guess on how fast a diseased
gland can grow-
I think true adrenalcarcinomas are less likely than adenomas or
of the gland (more benign disease), but even a benign gland can grow into
vena cava or lobe of the liver as it enlarges if it is on the right side
to start with.

I have seen plenty of completely naked ferrets, with muscle loss who had
to have
the disease for months to years do well with surgery, and have had losses
to complications from longstanding disease and surgery.

Never an easy decision, if the diagnosis is correct, and the ferret is
young, and
relatively healthy I would recommend surgery- however, with the history
of bruising, definitely run a CBC and maybe ADV test before hand ( ADV
ferrets can be at higher risk for bleeding after surgery)

Of course just my 2 cents. You can do some reading by searching the
going to under FAQ and under adrenal disease, and
under the links section for Dr. WIlliams site, and Dr. Weiss' site, Miami


> The vet with the most ferret experience in my area wants to wait and
> test
> again in 8-10 months and said adrenal glands don't grow fast and
> cannot
> displace or grow into surrounding organs. So what should I do? Wait
> and
> retest at a later date? And if so, how much later? Obviously I need
> to find
> out what her platelet count is, first, but then what? She's the
> happiest
> she's been in a long time. She went through so much before the
> change in
> diet. She still has bad poops here and there but with Hill's Feline
> Z/D,
> limited treats (and only certain ones) and Marshall's Probiotic, has
> been
> doing quite well, at least for her. She will be four in September.
> Thanks again.

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