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From: "Ulrike"
Date: 2003-08-11 09:27:09 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] my poor buddy
To: <>
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Hi Adam

I am very sorry to hear about your boy... I would get a chest x-ray done, =
don't want to upset you but I had a ferret with a tumour in his chest and h=
deteriorated very quickly. From one day to another he had trouble breathin=
we had an x-ray done and the tumour was taking up almost all the chest
cavity and had started bleeding at which point Barney really went downhill
and we had him put to sleep. It was juvenile lymphoma...


West Wales Ferret Welfare
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-------Original Message-------

Please help I am new to this site and no vets in my area will see ferrets.
He was playing the other day outside his cage running around, but when i
found him he does nothing but lay there and breath heavily. I know its not
poison since I blocked off that part of the house from him. He's not even a=

year yet. Any information on what to look for or what to do would be helpfu=
and greatly appericiated. Thanks Adam.