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Date: 2003-08-11 20:31:21 UTC
Subject: RE: Possible ECE w/o green stuff
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Just a few FYIs:

Most blockages don't show up on x-ray and when a blockage is suspected then rapid surgery is needed. Blockages can be fatal if not corrected, and sometimes even perforation can occur.

Infections can take a decent length of time to respond to care.

The normal temperature range for a ferret is 101 to 103. Fevers to worry about are over 105'F or 105.5' F depending on the ferret and what the treating vet says.

The green color which is often but not always seen with ECE is due to rapid transit thanks to poor digestion and inflammation.

The nodules are usually undigested fats due to causes such as the small intestine having a problem.

Mucus in stools tends to indicate intestinal irritation.

I'm sorry that you and she had such a terrible experience and that you lost her.