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Date: 2003-08-12 02:49:33 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: neurological problem??
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Has any bloodwork been performed on her? The suddenness of this problem is unusual, but standard practice in frrets is to do bloodwork to initially rule out insulinoma in all neurologic cases. This is by far the most common presentation for insulinoma (although there are other possibilities here as well...)

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, DVM

Author wrote:
> My ferret is almost 5 years old. She was doing fine until friday and she
> started staggering all over her cage. The on saturday she can move anything
> but her head and neck. She is still trying to eat and drink because I've
> been hand feeding her and holding the water bottle to her mouth. She is so
> pityful though she tries to move and she can't.
> Do you have any idea as to what could be wrong with her and if there is
> anything I can do to help her. There is not a vet in this area that works
> with ferrets.
> I don't want to see her die but I don't want to see her continue in the
> shape she is in now either.
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> Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: neurological problem??
> Please, describe what the symptoms are, how old the ferret is, and other
> particulars so that folks have something to work with.
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