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From: Mohr
Date: 2003-08-12 04:58:35 UTC
Subject: 2nd request re when to spay -- please help?
Message-Id: <>

Alicia wrote:
>Once the vulva enlarges with the first signs of heat- make a vet
>appointment and have administered the HCG injection. Then wait 44-45 day
>and spay which means you make the appointment fo4r 44-45 days at the time
>of the injection so the appointment is waiting for you!

I need to go into this as knowledgeable as possible. I have never had an
unspayed kit before, and my vet does not do many spays, since all the
petstore ferrets she sees are early alters.

So my question remains: what is an HCG injection? Does it take her out of
heat, simulate pregnancy, or do something else? Are there any risks
associated with it? Etc.? Etc.?

Has anyone here had experience with this? I would greatly appreciate any
answers you might have for me. Thanks.