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Date: 2003-08-12 12:12:08 UTC
Subject: Rapid Breathing
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One of my first ferrets, Ollie, seems to be breathing more rapidly than normal. His belly is sore, but his appetite seems reasonable. He has lost a little weight, his top half seems bony. He is going to the toilet normally. He is very quiet and cuddlesome, not at all interested in playing - but that is absolutely normal. He is six years old and his favourite occupation is sleeping! He has even fallen asleep in the arms of total strangers in the street! He is possibly the most laid-back ferret I have ever seen. But I am very worried, I have just got Syd through surgery to re-route his urethra, (the first time this particular vet had ever done the op on a ferret, and he's been a vet for about 25 years!) two weeks prior to that I lost George during the same opperation, and in May I lost Eccles to cancer. My vets are wonderful, but not very experienced with ferrets, but are willing to learn, I need all the advice I can get so that I can discuss all the possibilities.

Thanks, Carol