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Date: 2003-08-12 23:56:19 UTC
Subject: What a nice group of people!
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Just wanted to say that this is such a nice group of people - all so willing to help. I was actually shocked at the responses and I wanted to thank each of you for trying to help.

The vet placed little Venus on Carafate in July (her first visit). Then when she didn't get better, switched her to antibotics.

She is not doing well at all and I fear the worst. Today the vet said that she is just very old and that the change in environment has depressed her - probably giving her the ulcer condition. He has started her back on the Carafate. The medicine seems to make her sick at her tum, though.

After reading the posts here though, another x-ray might be in order. Trouble is, I don't know if she is going to last much longer. She is so sick but she keeps hanging on. We thought that she was 'gone' several times over now. And with all of the forced feeding, we feel like we are torturing her.

She is not vomiting, but from time-to-time we have noticed her pawing at her mouth. She also scrubs her neck (her throat) on the bed and floor and we've actually thought that something might be lodged there.

What bothers us is that when the handicapped lady surrendered Venus, she was a fat ferret with a tiny face. Our good friend at the ferret safe house said that she lost weight so quickly and was a bit shocked at that. She never could get her to eat. We just didn't know that ulcers and being depressed could make a fuzzy go downhill so fast. And to be frank, I am worried that the little fuzzy may have started getting ill and the folks just wanted a place to dump her.

And right now - well, I don't get angry very often but I am so upset at these people that I don't even know. They didn't even leave a phone number or a way to contact them. We see it so much. We've got a few with cripped little feet due to being locked up in cages for 3-4 years. People don't understand that ferrets need room to play and run and to just be ferrets. Oh well, I am preaching to the choir.

We have been giving Venus tons of affection, trying to brighten her spirits. I also let her sniff on some basil and rosemary and I put a drop of perfume on her backside - which she really did seem to enjoy. She loved the scent and became very active for a bit. I've even took her outdoors, hoping to cheer her. She liked that, too. And before she got so weak, she was following us around - so she must like us. But she just keeps getting worse. Again, we just had no idea that ulcers could do this to a little one.

Thank you everyone. By the way, my husband couldn't believe all the responses either and was very appreciative as well. You are a good group! (Sorry the post is so long.)

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