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Date: 2003-08-13 18:38:27 UTC
Subject: RE: Reformulation of Kaopectate
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In general ferrets don't have a problem with that or even with low doses of aspirin. There can be exceptions -- in individuals, in conditions, in conflicts with other meds. Vets are going to have more of a handle on which ferrets should or shouldn't have certain meds, but when in doubt or if worrying that some critical aspect has been forgotten always do speak up and ask your vet beforehand. That is always a good practise for anyone's medical care, no matter the number of legs the patient has.

One OTC med ferrets absolutely should NEVER have is Tylenol or its equivalents, and there are a host of other meds which pose hazards for them -- both standard and alternative meds, so always check with a vet before giving any medications or supplements.