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Date: 2003-08-14 23:29:53 UTC
Subject: Seedy poop could he have ECE?
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I'm truly concerned for one of my new ferrets. I recently got two new baby=
ferrets to join the two adults I already have. Purchased on August 7th fr=
om Petco the ferret's certificates state they were born from 6/8/03 thru 6/=
14/03. Their names are Yoshi and Kobe. I noticed that Yoshi was not eatin=
g or drinking very much and brought him to the vet 8/9. He had bright gree=
n poop, which the vet took a sample of. He was very lethargic and would ju=
st sleep all day. He was dehydrated, bony and only 1 lb. Kobe his smaller=
friend weighed in at 1.1 lb. The vet gave him subcutaneous fluids, ampici=
llin injection and prescribed Metronidazole to be given twice a day. I had=
to force feed him liquified kibble mixed with MRX Waltham Feline Select pr=
otein also prescribed by my vet. Needless to say he began eating kibble on=
his own and has been since 8/11. I feed them Totally ferret and he has be=
en eating regularly and drinking but I just noticed today that his stool wa=
s gold in color and very, very seedy. This was not the case yesterday! =

His bud Kobe has put more meat on his bones and yet Yoshi remains thin. Th=
ough he comes out to play now, he does not have the spunk of Kobe. The vet=
did an intestinal parasite fecal exam on both of them and found nothing. =
I'm afraid he is withering away....he has another check up this saturday. =
I know how quickly a ferret can deteriorate and I'm afraid I'm not doing en=
ough to ensure he survives...I lost a kit 2 yrs ago to distemper and I don'=
t want to lose Yoshi. Please advise if there is something i'm missing or n=
eed to be doing. =

Thanks for any help!


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