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Date: 2003-08-16 15:47:50 UTC
Subject: Isulinoma treatment questions
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I am on digest, so I am not sure if the previous posting went through or
not. Forgive me if this is a double post. ( am starting her on Devil's Club
today after doing some research...)

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to this list, basically reading it when it comes in...but now
I feel compelled to write and ask for some advice or insight.

I have a 7 year old spayed female ferret named Samantha (most likely a
Marshall ferret) I got her from a rescue organization in CT when she was a year old.
I got her as company for my younger female ferret, Gabby, that had been
dumped in front of my farm at about 10 weeks of age.
Gabby passed away in March, I found her dead on the bottom of her cage, not
sure of the cause of death, she was healthy and happy up until the day she was
found dead.

Samantha was depressed after Gabby died...but continued to eat and run around
normally, slept more. About 2 months ago she had a serious seizure and was
diagnosed with Insulinoma. Her WBC was high, I believe around 10,000. Her
glucose level was taken at the vet and it was 38. She was started on .25ml of
Prednilosone twice a day. She also had runny poop, and was given amoxi at that time.
She responded really well, and didn't have any additional seizures or
episodes of falling over or being dazed, lethargic etc. She was retested for glucose
about 3 weeks after starting the Pred, and was at 65. She's been on the .25ml
dose 2X a day for two months now. Vet mentioned she may have Lymphoma due to
the WBC. I do notice small nodules under her front legs...
Yesterday morning she was very lethargic and was not walking normally, and
had episodes of being "flat" dazed. Eating very little and drinking small
amounts. This was after a meal and the morning Pred dose. I took her to the vet and
her glucose was 25. She was not seizuring, and seemed to perk up a little, but
still having abnormal gait and little appetite.
Her Prednilsone dose was increased to .5ml and was given another course of
Amoxi, as she had diarrhea after a temp was attempted rectally. It was very
watery, yellowish (like bile) and very smelly.
She is still much the same today, no diarrhea, actually is passing very
little stool, but it is more solid. She is not eating much and drinking a little
when offered. Gait is still abnormal, but she is getting around slowly. She is
peeing a bit, but is probably getting a bit dehydrated. She has had two doses
of Amoxi (.5ml 2 times a day)
She is wanting to sleep more, and will lie flat on the floor after moving
around for a bit.
The vet mentioned possibly putting her on Proglycem? if she is not responding
well to the increased Pred dose.

My question is, should the Proglycem be started right away, if in a couple of
.5 doses of Pred she has not responded well. I am thinking I should probably
bring her back to the vet today for another glucose and to start her on the
Is a .25ml jump in dosage enough?
When is Proglycem usually started? My vet is pretty ferret knowledgeable...he
says to wait until the dose of pred is at a maximum (he says usually about .6
or .7ml)
Just wondering what other protocols might be, perhaps I can become more aware
of what else works. Should I have another round of bloodwork done? I don't
think I want to do it will only buy a little time. I just want her
to be happy and comfortable.

Thanks for listening!

Lisa and Samantha