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From: Northern
Date: 2003-08-17 12:17:30 UTC
Subject: Bruno is in bad shape.
Message-ID: <>

Bruno is in the hospital today. Yesterday morn I
noticed that he kept making trips to the litter box
and nothing was coming out. At first I thought it was
an intestinal blockage (he had his spleen removed 2
months ago) but it turned out to be urinary. It was
almost 4 hours before he was relieved.

The Vet said he saw crystals at the tip and when he
flushed out the bladder there was a lot of RBCs in the
urine. Now I’m waiting to see if he can pass urine on
his own. He is currently on antibiotics and sedated.
The Vet said over the phone that catheterizing ferrets
is “such a messy thing”. I wondered about that and
called one of my local shelters for more info. I
guess the odds are against my Bruno and there is a
good chance I may have to put him down. That is
breaking my heart.

Bruno has a partner, Spunky. They have been together
for years with no other ferrets. I’m a little how
this will effect her. I have to put him down then I
will bring him back for her to check out, for closure.
Then I will make sure she gets lots of extra
attention till the day she passes.

These will be my first and last weasels (squeezaels).
I have owned many pets in the past but none has
touched me like these guys. It just hurts too damn

I never knew that male ferrets could become plugged
like this. I know it happens to cats but not ferrets.
It is in none of the books I have about them and I
don’t remember it being a subject on the 3 groups I
belong to.

I will post later on his condition. I am supposed to
call later this morning (Sunday) to see how he is
doing. I just needed to get this out of me because it
is tearing me up.

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