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From: Anna Walker
Date: 2003-08-17 18:43:20 UTC
Subject: Jesse's Story
To: "FML" <>
Message-Id: <>

HI everyone, This will be posted on Monday so before 5:45 Monday night you
will know Jesse's story of how he came into my life. Well to begin the story
Jesse and I wil be seeing Val around 5:45 Monday night to help Jesse cross
the bridge from his battle with Cardiomyopathy:(. Well Oct 14th 2000 I
wanted another ferret and so we was looking around and came to this pet
store in WVA and on the board there was a listing for a ferret for sale for
50.00 so I got the number and Called when we got home and talked to the lady
and so on Oct the 15th we went to WVA to pick up Jesse (he already had his
name) we finaly find the place and the lady brings out Jesse from the
trailer and he is eatting Gramcrackers and milk :(. he was under weight and
yellow and his hair was sooo dry and he was not fixed :(. I couldnt say NO
to him the lady said he was left OUT SIDE because he chased her daughter and
she didn't like him :(. So my husband asked the lady what was the least she
would take for him and she said 35.00 so she gets the money and off to Ohio
we go back home. Well we call the Val the next day and make an appt. with
her for a checkup and shots and see about getting fixed. Well after all said
and done come to fine out Jesse was a pretty Sable boy and got fat and sassy
he would lay on his back and stiffen out with his mouth open to say lets
play I'm ready!!!! he was sooo cute :). Well in Feb 2003 after our ice storm
we got and the day after we got electic back he started to cough and a month
later we find out he had Cardiomyopathy:(. Jesse is such a BLESSING in my
life he is/was my 2yr ann. gift from my husband. He will be greatly missed
:(. And I would like to THANK everyone on the FML and the FHL for all the
help with Jesse and to Julie Fossa and Kat Parsons for being there when I
needed them like always. Take care every one and sorry so long hope you
didn't fall asleep reading this. Jesse has lived the pampered life living
here with me and the reast of the family. Take care and love on your
fuzzie's extra good today Anna