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From: Trish Black
Date: 2003-08-18 12:50:07 UTC
Subject: itchy skin & tail
Message-ID: <>

I discovered this weekend that Zira has hair loss on her tail. It looks as though she's been biting it excessively. Maybe she got a bug bite the last time we went to the park - I saw a small mark but it could've been from her biting it. She seems itchy lately, mostly her tail and her back end. Her tail has lost the hair on one side. She's only 1 year old and is very robust healthy ferret. She's got some extra weight on her, I've never seen a little girl with such a big back end!!! I don't see any fleas when I check all their fur.

I was wondering if bag balm applied to the tail area would help and if there's anything I should check for in the meantime. I'll be monitoring her closely. Maybe some extra ferretone would help too? Pippin hogs it all when I put it on the food. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Trish ~ Pippin, Zira & Hannah