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From: Trish Black
Date: 2003-08-19 17:14:51 UTC
Subject: Campylobacter
Message-ID: <>

Dr. Williams wrote:
True Campylobcter infection is extremely uncommon in ferrets,
Possibly a peek at the actual culture report may shed additional detail on these findings.

Following is the report:

Patient: Pippin Type Ferret
Test: Culture & Sensitivity on Fecal
Sample ID: 1 wire swab taken 7/18/03

HEAVY growth Strep faccalis, E.coli NOT 0111:57
This confirmed & yielded TRACE growth Campylobacter jejuni

KEY: R=Resistant S=Sensitive M=Moderately Sensitive (-) = No Test

Sensitivity: Campylobacte

Paniellun M
Carboniellin S
Amikacin S
Amplelin M
Cehpalothin R
Erythromycin S
Clindamycin M
Chloramphenicol S
Tetracycline M
Tribrissen M
Triple Sulfa M
Polymyxin B -
Nitrofurantoin -
Genamicin S
Neomycin S
Clavomox S
Baytrill S
Oxacillin R
Naxcel S
Orbifloxacin S
Novoblocin S
Dieural S
Flagyl S

Please let me know what you think. Trish ~ Pippin, Zira & Hannah *missing Merry*