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Date: 2003-08-19 12:28:27 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Bandit-- grinding, girgly gas sounds in his throat??
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My little guy always spit out his meds too. I had to mix them into food and
syringe feed. As long as he was eating on his own, I would put the meds in as
little food as possible, say 2-3cc's, so that I didn't have to stress him too
much. The stuff he spit out I would scoop up off his mouth with my finger and
put back into the syringe so that he got just about all of it. I make Bob
Church's for my kids. That's what I mixed his meds with. I would sit on the floor
with my knees bent at chest level. I put him on my legs. Scruffed him with my
left hand and was able to push the syringe stopper and feed with my right. When
he spit any out, I would rest him in my lap, legs still up, and use both
hands to scoop and refill. I could draw my legs closer to my chest which helped me
to hold him in that position. It was so little that it went really fast.
Worked for us for over a year. One thing for me, I had to have extra syringes on
hand. The rubber stopper tended to expand when I washed them and then it was
hard to push. I found that 6 and 12 cc syringes were easy to handle.
Sorry you're going through this. Best of luck.
Tiffany, Slinky and Cindy