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Date: 2003-08-19 18:35:19 UTC
Subject: RE: Had Puff euthanized today
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I am sorry you had to help Puff cross over. Please don't beat yourself up about the decision, it was best for her.
Take good care of yourself and send your Puff lots of love and light for her journey, I will send her great energy and light as well.

We seem to have many parallels...I am faced with almost the same stuff today that you have dealt with. My Samantha is declining, and although there are no masses on x-ray, she not responding well to the increased Pred dose, and is refusing water and food, as well as becoming more and more lethargic. It's hard to get her meds into her. I fear I will have to help her cross over soon as well. Her recent bloodwork indicates she may have more than insulinoma going on...and her heart looks a bit enlarged. I don't want her to suffer, and force feeding her fluids and food to keep her barely alive seems pointless if she will not have a good chance of recovering enough to at least be mobile and have some happiness.

All the best to you,

Lisa and Samantha
Kindred Hill Farm

Author wrote:
> Hi,
> Puff rapidly declined last night and this morning, and I took her back to
> the vet for hospitalization. They gave her dextrose-laced IV fluids, fed
> her small amounts, and took an xray. Based on her lack of response - in
> fact, continuing decline - to the fluids and food, and the presence of
> unidentifiable masses in the xray, as well as the fact that she appeared
> to be in considerable pain, I decided to have her euthanized.
> While it was obvious that the only thing that could have answered our
> questions about her condition was an exploratory, it was not clear from
> the xray that it would have been a successful surgery, as we couldn't tell
> what even needed to be gone in after. The necropsy showed an infected,
> abscessed lymph node that had drained into the abdomen, as well as several
> large hairballs in her stomach, and three large insulinomas in her
> pancreas. In addition, her lungs showed some fibrous thickening, and
> there was some mottling on her kidneys (although the vet felt this could
> have just been post-mortem changes).
> The decision to euthanize Puff was absolutely not easy, and the necropsy
> results don't necessarily reassure me that I did the right thing.
> Thanks,
> Melissa