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Date: 2003-08-21 17:23:42 UTC
Subject: RE: mites and orange spots
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Hi, my name is Brandi and I too am stationed here in Germany with the Army. I am stationed in Wiesbaden and also work at the Wiesbaden Vet Clinic. I am not sure where you are located but our clinic carries the IMRAB vaccine. All the clinics in Germany are maintained by the 100th Veterinary Detachment out of Heidelberg, and your clinic can order the IMRAB vaccine and get it in in a few weeks. (For PCS purposes, they are required to get the vaccine for you!)Also, the ONLY vaccine required for flying to the US is RABIES so do not worry too much about the ferret distemper for importation to the U.S. Our clinic also carries FerVAC distemper. Your clinic can order this also.

As for the mite thing, I have heard of using Tresaderm on skin and tails too. But, you may want to double check with a German vet.

Please send me a private email to and I will be glad to reccommend a German Veterinarian for a second opinion.
Look forward to hearing from you soon!