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Date: 2003-08-22 21:56:15 UTC
Subject: Samantha departing soon ;-(
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Samantha continues to decline...she is very quiet, unable to really move ar=
ound much, although she does drag herself to the papers to urinate. I thoug=
ht I was going to lose her last night around midnight, but she rallied...No=
w she is keeping her eyes closed and sleeping, for the most part comfortabl=
y. =

The vet thinks there is probably lymphoma at play, her spleen is very enlar=
ged and he feels another mass near the spleen. Her belly is getting bigger(=
since Friday of last week) Her pred was increased to 1ml last Sunday, to no=
avail. I was ready to put her down yesterday when I brought her to the vet=
, but he somehow talked me into starting her on Proglycem as a last resort.=
Her BG yesterday was 45 (it was 65 two days before) We thought maybe we we=
re just dealing with insulinoma, but her WBC is over 10,000 for the last tw=
o months. Her intitial dose of prednilosone was only 0.25ml, and in hindsig=
ht I have found out from some experienced vets that that is not enough to s=
upress the insulinoma or the lymphoma. I guess it possible both diseases co=
uld have been supressed longer if her starting dose had been much higher th=
an the 0.25 ml of Prednilosone. Given her WBC was over 10K two months ago, =
that should have been an indicator of possible lymphoma...but I'm a bit ang=
ry at myself right now for not having the knowledge back then to have been =
more proactive in her treatment. =

In any case, I have an appointment with the vet in the morning to have her =
euthanized...if she makes it through the night...I am asking her to go quie=
tly tonight as she would be a blessing. Please send her your en=
ergy and light, and ask your fuzzies that have crossed over to help her on =
her journey.

I don't know what kind of pain she is in...but has fits of abdominal spasms=
once in a while, labored breathing, some nasal discharge ( I assume this i=
f from the lungs at this point) She also has a marked slower heart rate and=
it's irregular at times. Sometimes it's strong though, so she's fighting. =

I got some Torbutrol from my vet today, I hope it will ease any pain she mi=
ght be having...I'm wondering if I should still give her her prednilosone t=
his evening thought...I didn't get a chance to talk to the vet today, he wa=
s too busy.

Does anyone have tips for getting a her dose into her? It's about the size =
of a grain of rice. I will probably place it in the back of her throat if I=
can, and hold her head up until she swallows.

I don't think I am going to do a necropsy, although I would like to know wh=
at has ravaged her so quickly. My local vet doesn't do necropsies, he sends=
them the state University lab, so they most likley wouldn't do the procedu=
re until Monday anyway. =

If my vet did necropsies I would have it done...but I really want to take h=
er body home and bury her next to her mate, Gabby, who died suddenly in Mar=
ch. =

Thanks for all your well wishes.

Lisa, Samantha, and Gabby with wings waiting to help Sammy to fly...


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