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Date: 2003-08-23 04:18:44 UTC
Subject: Possible ECE
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Hi all,
I wrote last week and earlier this week about my little ferret Pippin with =
the mucousy poops. At first he responded to the pepto, metronidazole (aka =
flagyl?), and amoxicillian. He became increasingly difficult to get the me=
tronidazole into, b/c of the terrible taste and his condition went downhill=
. After talking with the vet it was decided to up his dosage of metronidaz=
ole and try mixing it with banana baby food, since he likes it and we figur=
ed we'd have the most success with it. I know bananas aren't good for ferr=
ets, but if it gets the medicine into him we figured giving him about 1 mL =
of banana food twice daily would be better than him not getting any meds in=
at all. He's now been on the increased dose of metronidazole for 24 hours=
and before turning in tonight, John noticed a rather large lime green poop=
on the floor of the ferrets' cage. It was very slimy, but firm enough to =
hold shape. We're assuming it came from Pippin as Felix has had no problem=
s since his one bout of diarrea last week. =

Pippin has also started wimpering sometimes when he goes potty, he also sco=
ots for much longer after going potty. Felix was brought in almost a month=
ago, so I know it's a long time for him to have passed ECE to Pippin. I'm=
wondering how to know if it is ECE, and also what else it could be if it's=
not ECE. I'd also like to know if the metronidazole will help him any, si=
nce it hasn't seemed to, and if I should start him on the pepto again. I'l=
l be calling the vet on Monday about this. Pippin is still eating and drin=
king (like a pig) but is awake less than usual, but when awake is as bouncy=
and naughty as usual.
Any advice would be great
Terri, John, Pippin and Felix