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Date: 2003-08-23 13:42:04 UTC
Subject: Samantha my Weasel spirit :-(
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Samantha crossed over about a half hour ago...I had made the appointment
yesterday to take her in this morning to be put to sleep...I was readying her
carrier and the towels to take her to the vet, she came out of her comatose
state, opened her eyes and looked up at me, eyes wide open (haven't been that
way for a couple of days) I think she was saying "We don't have to take that
trip...don't worry"
She took a deep breath and was gone, her passing was very peaceful. That's a
blessing. Her mate, Gabby was greeting her with a weasel dance when she
crossed over...Samantha hasn't been the same since Gabby died suddenly in
March. They were my only ferrets...

Thanks for all of your kind words, they mean the world to me right now.
Forgive the fact that this post is similiar to the responses I sent privately, my
brain isn't working well, and I wanted you all to know how much your words of
sympathy mean to me.

In light,

Lisa, Samantha and Gabby, weasel spirits of light

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