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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2003-08-24 17:44:29 UTC
Subject: Re: Strider has hip dysplasia
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These posts from the complete archives ( ALL from ferret vets or a
zooarcheologist so all know bones and ferrets well.) should be of
great help to you:

Note comments such as:
>I have heard buzz on hip dysplasia in ferrets, but no
>one that I know has ever seen a real case. The natural
>socket of the hip is fairly shallow,and to vets who
>haven't looked at a lot of ferret X-rays, they may
>resemble those of a dysplastic dog.

Note that this is not a fault in a vet who isn't used to seeing
ferret limb x-rays but instead is a learning opportunity.

Then again, injuries can cause later problems to set in.

In this case if the little one were our's I'd be inclined to discuss
it with the vet and to get a second opinion by a ferret knowledgeable
vet if there is any question.