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Date: 2003-08-26 01:24:04 UTC
Subject: is Echo trying to tell me something?
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My nine year old, Echo, has not completely recovered from a bleeding ulcer last month. He went from 2.2 pounds to 1.8, and was on Flagyl,Amox,Carafate and is still on Carafate,Reglan and Prednisone. He seems to have lost more weight(we are seeing our vet tomorrow) but for the last few days is sleeping more and grinding his teeth almost constantly when he eats. He will only eat gerbers chicken baby food and nutracal and will not touch kibble at all. He had begun vomiting several times last week and that is why Reglan was added, and the vomiting disappeared. Last night it begun again, with constant grinding except when sleeping. He refused to eat this morning, and only ate well this afternoon after a bout of vomiting clear liquid. He has always been a picky eater but will not touch duck soup or chicken gravy, just the baby food and nutracal.

Another thing that I have noticed is that within my group of five ferrets, the next oldest male, Toby, is taking over the role of Alpha ferret from Echo, as well as grooming Echo when he is with him. Echo will still have periods when he plays and hides his favorite toys, so this is rather confusing for me. Considering his age, am I missing a message from him? Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you.

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