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Date: 2003-08-27 14:26:02 UTC
Subject: stinky runny discolored poop .. yellowish I think
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My 5 year old neuteured male has been stinking up the entire house with his deposits beside the litter box for several months. He has been on amoxy and something he really disliked that the vet said was flavored like tuna for cats. Snoopy didn't like it any better when we ordered a special flavor. The last round of meds was for 30 days.
He has been on a diet of Totally Ferret from the beginning. When I added little sister Babydoll to the family, I added cat food to stretch the budget. (3 years ago) He isn't one to eat every-thing he can beg or steal. He has always loved Cheerios which I have been limiting and just a little applesauce not even once a week. The only change there has been is the addition of Marshall's Bi-Odor to the water and I can't remember where that addition fits in with the problem. I discontinued the use of that for a week or so and then went back to using it. I stopped again because I thought maybe a week wasn't long enough to make a difference.
Blood tests and stool samples were normal. I don't mind spending money on the vet and meds, but there doesn't seem to be any improvement. I'm guilty of letting some time go by before calling the vet because my whole summer has been such a mess (I know.. lousy excuse.
He eats well and is not losing weight. (In fact he gained a little) He lets out a little gas when pooping but shows no signs of discomfort except for sometimes when he is out of the cage he will stop and reach for his rear and make some odd movements (who knows with a ferret). I'm wondering if he is showing a little discomfort in the area, but it doesn't seem to be a huge problem because he plays and still has the energy to scale the barrier I use to keep them downstairs. He doesn't play as much as he used to but that could be age.
After reading the archives, I bought some pumpkin pie mix, but he really seems to think that it is just more medicine even with ferretone on top.
I'm wondering how much of the pumpkin he needs to have for it to help and if anyone has any suggestions as to how to get him to eat it. It seems counterproductive to stress him out by force feeding it. I just got it late yesterday so next time he starts to eat, I'm going to try again. I don't want to mix it with the regular food because it would be so messy and I wouldn't know if he really got any of it.
HELP!!!! Am I making it worse by not going back to vet immediately?? One more question, what exactly are the symptoms of IBS? It's amazing how widespread this problem seems to be. Is it an ongoing problem or has something been going around??? I had one ferret before Snoopy and his were always perfect little "pretzels"