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From: "Dale Nupp"
Date: 2003-08-29 22:52:59 UTC
Subject: Adrenal Disease Treatment Protocols?
To: <>
Message-ID: <000a01c36e80$4c57d640$72e1fea9@dalenupp>

Hello All:
I took five year old Max, a MF Fuzzie to the vet about a month ago for =
his annual checkup. He had lost all of the fur on his tail and the fur on =
his back was getting thin so we did the Tennessee Panel. The test came bac=
k positive for adrenal disease. The new, young vet I met with said that th=
e new protocol for adrenal disease in surgical candidates was to give one s=
hot of Lupron and then do the adrenalectomy a month later.
My regular older vet did the surgery today. He said that the adrenal g=
lands were so small that he had diffixculty identifying them. He said he t=
ook out the left adrenal gland. He said he wasn't sure if he took out the =
right adrenal gland or a lymph node. The tissue he removed from the right =
was in the correct place but he said it was the color of a lymph node. He =
will have the pathologist look at it just to see what he removed. =

My vet said that in the several thousand adrenal surgeries he has done =
over the years he has never seen adrenal glands so small, even in normal fe=
rrets where other surgeries were done.
My vet asked me to ask the assembled multitude if anyone else has seen =
adrenal glands shrink so small after one Lupron treatment? Was it too earl=
y to do the surgery? Is the Tennesse Panel so sensitive that even a minor =
abnormality will show up? Should we have even bothered with the Lupron?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
My vet says Max is fine by the way and can go home tommorrow. Many tha=