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Date: 2003-09-05 19:49:36 UTC
Subject: RE: What could this be, and how do we treat it?
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Norma and Bobb,

if the eating problem is only that the other ferret won't let the little gi=
rl eat, perhaps an easy solution would be to feed them at different times. =
take the big brother out of the cage to play and let cheetah stay in the c=
age for 15 or 20 minutes to eat and drink. or, put her back in 15 or 20 mi=
nutes before the other. if she doesn't eat while in the cage alone, a sepa=
rate cage may be in order, at least during feeding. for the drinking, if t=
he other ferret isn't letting her get to the water, adding a second water b=
ottle (or whatever the water is in) in a separate part of the cage may allo=
w her to drink while the other ferret is at the other water source. you ma=
y want to have your friend look into getting some high calorie food. i hav=
e a friend who feeds her ferret cat food, and kitten food is high calorie, =
so the ferret may eat that. there is also stuff called ferretvite which co=
mes in a tube. most pet stores with ferret supplies carry that or somethin=
g similar. it is a high calorie vitamin supplement, and ferrets absolutely=
LOVE it. it may help her to get back to a normal and healthy weight quick=
ly, afterwhich, the a new feeding plan would keep her healthy. if things d=
eteriorate too much, eventhough it's a long ride, a trip to the vet will be=
in order. =

n i k i

Author wrote:
> Hi,
> A friend has brought me her ferret saying that the "big brother ferret" w=
asn't letting this little girl eat when in the cage. The two of them would=
get out, play, and then she (my friend) would put them back in and think e=
verything was fine. Cheetah (the little girl) has pale gums, is way too th=
in, has drank over 1 cup of water in less than 18 hours, is grinding her te=
eth, and eating just about everything we put in front of her. The nearest f=
erret knowedgeable vet is one hour away. I am terribly worried about Cheeta=
h, and would appreciate your help.
> Thanks
> Norma