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From: "Larry McFarlane"
Date: 2003-09-07 01:53:43 UTC
Subject: Need advice
To: "Ferret Health List" <>
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My old boy, Bilbo, had a mast cell tumor removed from the middle of his tai=
l yesterday. The vet's office said it was non-invasive, and they feel all =
will be well. My vet left for vacation yesterday. There are 3 stitches in=
Bilbo's tail, and they had a bandage on it. I was told to watch his tail =
to make sure it didn't get cold, or turn color.

His tail has been seeping through the bandage, and it looked like he had wo=
rked it off a bit. So Larry and I changed the bandage a little while ago, =
I made it a bit longer, looser around the area, and got tape on his skin wh=
ere the hair is sheared off. If he won't leave the bandage alone, would it=
hurt to leave it off and just make sure the incision stays clean or how do=
I bandage this?

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