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Date: 2003-09-07 17:39:15 UTC
Subject: RE: Mystery Disease/Beeker/WHO SURVIVED??
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> > (Not to alarm anyone--it does NOT appear to be necessarily contagious!!)
> I have Clara and she is very much alive. She has been sick since the end of July.

Could you, please, give her symptoms, tell how high her fevers were, and give her pathology results from blood tests, aspirates, biopsies, etc.? Then people could see to which other ferrets Clara seems be similar and to which she seems to be different.

Please, use this same subject line so that the discussions can be read in one clump at the website.

Chiclet lasted 6 weeks with her various medical approaches and the added dietary Ascogen nucleotides (the mystery compound we were'nt allowed to name at first and which I think may be given a different name here in the U.S. later by their importer but Asogen is the Europenan name used). Actually, despite all that she went through it was starting to look again like she might make it till her heart became involved and then she was gone within 3 days. She went up and down a lot in her illness.