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Date: 2003-09-08 04:05:09 UTC
Subject: RE: Mystery Disease/Beeker/WHO SURVIVED?
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Could you or the people with these ferrets, please, post these things:

1. Please, let us know what the complex of symptoms and test results are for these individuals. The reason for that is because I have heard of wide range of ferrets people thought were the same who turned out to not be: for example one with JL, one with an intestinal perforation from a foreign body, ones who simply differed greatly from others described.

2. Please, put down what was used to treat them (matched with the symptom set)? This way no matter what the sets of symptoms it may turn out that others with similar sets will benefit, although with the wide symptom range some are using others may not.

3. Please, say if these ferrets are perhapsin a hiatus or if they have been past the symptoms for a good chunk of time. (Chiclet had times when she would go upto about a week or so without a fever and would even enjoy light play but then it all start up again, so a short hiatus did not mean anything in her case except that something was working for a while till the disease got too strong for that approach. It would be great if a kit with her symptoms has actually made it.)