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Date: 2003-09-08 13:09:06 UTC
Subject: Looking for foods for diabetic ferret

My girl Frannie has diabetes and needs to eat every 4-6 hours. Right now we
offer her a mix of her DM food ground up and some chicken baby food (she eats
kibble on her own as well, knock wood) but our vet has told us that he'd
rather see her eat something different as the baby food has a lot of fat.
We've tried canned DM (not even remotely interested), and just giving her
ground up DM with some water (works a little bit, but once she siphons the
majority of the water off, she stops eating it). Does anyone have any
suggestions for a high protein, low fat, yummy tasting, sort of wet food that
can be mixed with ground up kibble?

I know, I'm not asking for much, am I? ;-)

Thanks for any help!

Laura Martinez