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From: "scruffyou"
Date: 2003-09-08 19:04:17 UTC
Subject: research on cause of EE? vet opinions welcome
To: <>
Message-ID: <001201c3763c$00a5d850$24bf1a42@GodsBox>

Hey Hey Hey,

I am looking for any research done on the core cause of Eosiniphilic Gastro=
Entireties. I understand that it presents as food allergies. What I am l=
ooking for is the CAUSE of the food allergies. Is it genetic disposition, =
improper weaning, luck of the draw? I have searched the internet so far an=
d have not found anything on the causes of this disease.

I am interested in opinions on this subject. Also and preferably, if anyon=
e can point me in the direction of research done on this disease in cats, d=
ogs or ferrets, I would very much appreciate it.

In Memory of RinkyDink,

Karen and the Scruff You Gang