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Date: 2003-09-09 01:14:16 UTC
Subject: RE: Familiar with RSV?
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Dear Kevin:

Ferrets are susceptible to infection with RSV and have been an experimental model for years. HOwever, only infant ferrets support a lung infection, with adult ferrets only showing growth of the virus in the lining of the nose.

Symptomatology would be pneumonia in a very young ferrets, with infection in adults being most likely subclinical with the odd case showing a runny nose or a sneeze - the worst you would see in an adult ferret is likely a couple of days of a flu-like illness.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, DVM

Author wrote:
> Is anyone familiar with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)?
> Can it actually be transmitted from humans to ferrets?
> If so, what would the symptomolgy be in the ferret?