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Date: 2003-09-09 14:16:18 UTC
Subject: Senility in Ferrets
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> to be. But she wants none of it. Do you think this will get any better
> with increased sensory input like the kind you describe?

The only way to know is to try. If you and she are lucky then she may be temporarily depressed and feeling a bit lost from the combo of having difficulty smelling and having lost her hearing so may perk up with assistance. Depressed individuals sometimes desire contact but reject it anyway until it is pursued more by others. You might try that, too -- really, really fussing over her -- to see if she perks up from having it emphasized to her that she is loved.

Ruffle suffered badly from reduction of sense of smell from Lasix due to it making her nasal membrances too dry.

Everyone differs.

I hope that in her case this is something which canbe tackled successfully. Just give it your best shot and if it doesn't work at least you'll know it wasn't that, but if it does then you can rejoice.

From: Amy Robbin <>
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Natasha and all. 7 1/2 years is quite old for a ferret, my Critter is
about the same age. He is blind in one eye and clearly feeling old. He
is also not as social as he once was. He used to sleep with me very
night, if I got to bed late, he'd be there waiting. Now only on a good
day does he join me. He no longer likes being cuddled as he once did. He
doesn't enjoy his buddies as he once does. He prefers to be alone, just
like a cranky old man! Occasionally he gets a little playful...I take a
lot of joy in those moments. I hate to see he getting old, but it

He is still strong enough to climb the stairs, his weight is fantastic,
his appetite is good, BG is good, heart is good and in overall good
health. However he still wobbles when he walks, sometimes falls over. He
also wakes up and frantically runs around the room until he leaves a trail
of poop or urine behind him...damn white carpets! I sometimes wonder if
he's happy or not, so I just spoil him rotten and give him more treats
than I should. He's still my baby, just my old baby. I've dreaded the
day he leaves me, I know it's coming...he was my first ferret, the
beginning of the addiction