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Date: 2003-09-12 04:38:16 UTC
Subject: sick ferret
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I have a ferret who I rescued three years ago and had a broken leg fixed. H=
e has been healthy ever since until recently. For about 2 months now he has=
been chocking and gagging and try to get something from his throat.He then=
spits up some foamy substance and just lays there for a while. Before the =
medication his throat was so bad that when he gagged he would urinate on hi=
mself(because his throat was completly shut)A throat culture came back norm=
al. His throat got much better but I think he might be getting worse. After=
about a month of this he got really sick(not eating much had to feed him d=
uck soup) and I had test run. The doctors said there was not anything in hi=
s throat and that he was not blocked and all his blood values came back fin=
e. After a two session of antibiotics he starting showing singns of gettin =
better(eating his regular food again by choice) but now three weeks later h=
e is starting to gag again. I really would like to know what is wrong with =
him because he does not want to play at all and hasn't for some time. My ot=
her ferret seems fine but is lonely without his play buddy. The sick ferret=
will not play with him either. I live in Atlanta,Ga and was wondering if t=
here is a specialist in the area so I could go a step farther than my curre=
nt doctor. The doctor is knowledgeable about ferrets but did not have a def=
inite idea of what is going on.Any help would be great.Thank you