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From: jeanne
Date: 2003-09-22 01:57:55 UTC
Subject: Oscar's new problem!!
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So far Oscar is still hanging on. The emerg. vet. found nothing from xrays. And he said he really didn't know anything about ferrets. He gave him Lincocin Aquadrops .20ml 3 times a day, he said in case he has an infection. And for pain in his mouth (which is my new concern and I'll get that in a second), he gave Butorph Syrup 1/4 of a ml three times a day. I haven't heard of these two meds. Has anyone else?
Now for the pain in his mouth, I think it may be a tooth infection. My real concern is on and also inside the upper lip on the right side of his mouth. It's really swollen and his gums are real red and bleeding. And right where his right canine tooth is, if you lift up his upper lip there, the area on the inside of his lip all is black. It looks really gross. It's never been like that, and his breath smells worse than anything I have ever smelled. Can a bad tooth cause the inside of the lip to turn black from an infection?? Has anyone ever heard of this? I checked all over the Internet and found nothing. Or could it be cause by a spider bite? We are having a real problem with spiders this year especially black widows.
I tore my whole ferret room apart, cages, curtians, toys, pictures on the wall, everything but found no spiders. None of my other ferrets have ever had something like this.
So for now I keep my little old guy with me every where I go in the house. I don't go anywhere just in case he gets worse I want to be home with him. And at night he sleeps in bed with me. Or should I say, he sleeps and I watch him all night long.
If anyone has any suggestions of what it might be that is causing his swollen, bleeding and a part black in his mouth. Please let me know. And thanks to all who have sent me info. Jeanne & Oscar
Thank goodness tomorrow in Monday and he can see his regular Vet.

Have A Happy Day!!!!!!!!

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