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From: "Dan Muldoon"
Date: 2003-09-22 15:06:42 UTC
Subject: whines when pooping
To: "Ferret Health List" <>
Message-ID: <005501c3811b$224eb730$269a8693@URD0031464191>

My five-year-old adoptee, Foster, has been whining lately, especially when
he poops (but not when he urinates). Dr. X. is fairly sure he has
eosinophilic bowel disease (based on the eosinophil content in the loose
feces), we've been treating with dexamethasone and Imuran (not very
successfully) for about four months. I fear for the worst that it might be
lymphoma--that's how I rather suddenly lost my first ferret last year--the
tumor had encroached on her intestinal tract. I'm taking him into the vet
this afternoon (Mon. 9/22) but am hoping anyone has any ideas on what could
be causing the discomfort.