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Date: 2003-09-29 16:21:34 UTC
Subject: Pancreatic Cancer
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While I do not have copy of the necropsy on Maggie (performed this morning so
I'm operating with just the information given to me by phone) what I have
been told is Maggie had pancreatic cancer. When they opened her up they found a
belly full of blood which explains why she was pooping blood right before I
took her. Maggie also has an enlarged spleen.
I'm wondering if there is some correlation between Maggie's E.G. and
pancreatic cancer. Maggie was diagnosed with E.G. through a biopsy in August 2001. We
also debunked her pancreas removing some nodes. Since that time she has
refused to eat kibble and lived on hand feedings by mom.
I'm also wondering about any relation to insulominia and this cancer. Butch
has been on Pediapred for 18 months, we debunked his pancreas last November
and removed a huge node at that time.
Just trying to make a little sense of what happened.
Thank you,
Connie, Butch, Maggie@ the Rainbow Bridge, CB, and Chloe