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From: "Linda Doran"
Date: 2003-10-02 18:32:49 UTC
Subject: Urgent request for help for Chocolate Moose
To: "Ferret Health List" <>
Message-ID: <001a01c38913$95c670e0$0a0110ac@default>

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound done on Chocolate Moose to look for what mig=
ht be causing his rapid breathing. He already has insulinoma. His heart app=
eared normal, ruling out cardiomyopathy. His lungs sounded like they might =
have some fluid, but the vets weren't sure.

The one anomaly they found were two cysts in his liver. They found the same=
cyst in one of his kidneys that was there several years ago and has not gi=
ven him any trouble. They did not locate a mysterious round mass that turne=
d up on his X-ray a couple of days ago.

Bloodwork showed highly elevated SGPT of 759 vs. a normal range of 10-280, =
a result that was rechecked and verified, and elevated alk phos of 105 vs. =
a normal range of 15-45. Creatinine was high but BUN was normal. Glucose, o=
f course, was low at 40. WBC was slightly low at 2.3 vs. normal range of 2.=
5-8.0 and RBC was slightly high at 11.3 vs. a normal range of 6.5-11.0.

The conclusion of the radiologist reviewing the ultrasound was that Moose m=
ight have lymphoma of the liver and kidneys. I, on the other hand, wonder i=
f he may have another rare case of metastatic insulinoma like Lucky Charm h=
ad, who died couple of years ago.

I'm assuming that if he does have lymphoma, there's nothing that can be don=
e. Meanwhile, we are adding Baytril to his daily dose of Clavamox to elimin=
ate potential pneumonia. What else I can do to help him? I suspect he's not=
a good candidate for surgery because he's very tired.


Linda and Chocolate Moose