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Date: 2003-10-03 14:39:36 UTC
Subject: Tiredness Old age or illness
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Hi all
Taz has not been himself latly. He seems to sleep all the time he has put o=
n 1/2 lb in the last 6mo. he has been grooming us (my husband and me but no=
t our children)and one of our other ferrets.(only one of the other three) I=
have taken him in to our vet. The vet can't find anything wrong with him. =
The vet checked his blood felt for lumps checked his temp, listened to hear=
t and lungs, took some x-rays. Every thing he looked at was normal. The onl=
y thing the vet seemed to take a second look at was his weight gain it seem=
s to be all in his lower stomach so he took a sample from his stomach area =
with a needle to make sure there was no fluid. There was not any. he has ha=
d both adrenals removed about 1 1/2 years ago but has not had any other ill=
ness. Taz is 3lbs and we think he is about 7yrs old (we don't know age for =
sure he was saved from anohter family several years ago) Is this just commo=
n for a ferret of the age 7 or 8 to just slow down a little? I have heard s=
everal diffrent things about how long ferrets live some people say just lik=
e cats around 11 years some have told us our ferrets are very old at 7 I my=
self have seen two ferrets live to 13. We just want to make sure we are not=
overlooking something