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From: mike j hamm
Date: 2003-10-07 17:27:22 UTC
Subject: Re: airline dangers
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> We have travelled many times in the states and have used Delta
> Airlines. Delta is the only airline that will allow you to have your
> ferret in the cabin with you. Your carrier is your carryon and can
> have a max of 2 ferrets in it (that our litter mates they say). The
> cost is an additional $75.00 each way per carrier and must be paid
> for at the counter in cash before departing each way. Also, you must
> call Delta directly to make reservations for your carrier, they do
> not do that on the website. The carrier must be certain dimensions
> and will be stowed under your seat. Try checking in with Delta and
> see if they fly to and from your locations. Good luck
> Mike and Sara
> Spokane, WA.
> Leizel's Weasels

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