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From: jeanne
Date: 2003-10-09 23:12:12 UTC
Subject: Oscar's necropsy results
Message-ID: <>

My sweet Oscar died from kidney failure, he also had many ulcers in his mouth due to his long term Pred. use for hIs Insulinoma. I was hoping to get back with his results sooner, but since Oscar's passing I had another ferret cross the bridge too( Mr. Scruffy). He was a recent rescue and a very special boy, he had Lymphosarcoma.
And now my 2 very old girls both have Adrenal Disease, but they are much to old to put them thru all that surgery. And this weekends most recent one is another very old girl with Insulinoma. I've been very busy with my old age ferret home patients that I was a bit slow about getting back to all of you with Oscar's results. Thank you to all for your concerns, advice and all the kind words, it helped alot.
Jeanne and the elderly weezils

Have A Purrr-fect Day!

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