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Date: 2003-10-10 14:34:33 UTC
Subject: RE: ECE Recovery Advice
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Most likely the vet prescribed the metronidazol and amoxi just in case the ferrets had a pre-existing helicobacter infection that could be exacerbating the ECE. That's what my vet did when my ferret had ECE. If the metronidazol is stressing them out a lot you might be able to switch to a different medication to treat the helicobacter or get the metronidazol compounded with a flavor, like bubblegum or peanut butter. (The flavor didn't help with my ferret, but she is very picky.) I agree that it is not necessary to isolate your young one from the others after they get better--once the ferret gets sick, they won't get sick again. Good luck! -----> Joanna