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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2003-10-12 08:03:56 UTC
Subject: update on diabetic ferret
Message-ID: <>

I mentioned earlier this week that Jeckyl, about 2-3year old, was
apparently healthy until a bout of diarrhea that happened
while I was treating him prophylactically for coccidia. He
lost weight and was wasting, a blood test showed anemia,
and a blood sugar of 550. He was placed on chloremphenical
empirically, he had a blood insulin level sent and a repeat
blood sugar of 444.

I started him on insulin 0.1u/kg NPH twice daily, and 20cc NS fluids a
plus chicken gravy. The first night I messed up the dose
and gave him 0.2u and his sugar went to 62! I then have been
very careful and his sugars were 305, 198, 350 today, urine
remains high glucose, no ketones. His stools are almost normal
and he is a good eater. I stopped the fluids when I had the
low sugar, since the urine was almost no glucose, but
if he stays above 200, I guess I should restart them.

Still not sure the cause of the diabetes, and the anemia is bugging me.
My vet thinks it is just from chronic disease and undiagnosed
diabetes that probably goes back before he got acutely ill.

I also purchased the freestyle monitor for his sugars, besides
the ridiculously high price of the test strips, it works pretty
well and I am able to use a paw pad for the sticks, since I am
checking his blood sugars 3-4 times a day for the initial monitoring
period I wouldn't have been able to use the nail clip to get the blood.

Anyone who has dealt with a diabetic ferret that has any good
advice for me, or things I should watch out for please let me know.

Thank you,

Patty K

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