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Date: 2003-10-14 22:36:18 UTC
Subject: Re: Strider's hip
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Strider had surgery on his hip a couple of weeks ago. I know that there was some question about whether ferrets get hip displaysia. I may have used the wrong term for what he had. Strider had badly injured his leg (hip) last February. X-rays had been taken of his hock thinking that was where all of the problem was. In July more x-rays were taken to reveal that there was a problem where one of his legs joined his hip.
More x-rays were taken before the surgery while under anesthetic. I was lucky as Strider had both an experienced ferret surgeon, and an orthopedic surgeon working on him. The top of his femur was removed (I actually have it at home in a bottle of formalin). The orthopedic surgeon said that the head of the femur definitely had been damaged and it was a good thing that we had gone in.
Strider is making a great recovery, and is already running and climbing.
Thanks for everyones' feedback when I first posted. I learned a lot.