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Date: 2003-10-15 13:05:24 UTC
Subject: Ferret going blind
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One of the most useful things to do when a ferret is blind is to use sccent to help map the house and point out obsticles.

The mapping can be done with food flavorings like extracts of vanille, almond, etc. but those have alcohol in them so can damage some furniture.

What we use are essential oils. You have to be sure to use oils of things which are safely edible and only use little swipeswith some on a q-tip. Avoid violet because it confuses the sense of smell (though it can be useful for helping cover smells when guests comeover and violets are edible -- real violets NOT African violets which are not related. There are essentialoils of fruits (the citrus ones are good and peach is downright yummy in scent), spices (vanilla and cinnamon are marvelous as aremany others but we've found the ginger and cardamon to often come up short), herbs (the mints and so on), so there is a wide selection.

For each room select two different oils. Use each for their own side of the room unless the room is small. This way the back bathroom may be rose and moving out into bedroom may get you to cinnamon on the same side as the door out and vanilla on the other side, then orange for the hall where you can turn toward peach for the dining area, or... You get the idea.

At ferret height put the individual scents on things that project like door frames, the edges of furniture and so on, and on things which may move in a room with use like dining room chairs. That way the ferret will smell them near and the bumping will be reduced or stop.

From: Amy Robbin <>
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Hi Anna. From the sound of it, your ferret is losing his vision in one
eye. My Critter had the same problem develop about the same age (he's 7
1/2 now). It only effected one eye. I'm still not sure he's totally
blind in that eye, but he also runs into things. At night I hear "pitter,
patter, pitter, patter, thud). It doesn't bother him much, but keep an
eye on him at heights. Critter will try to climb out the top door of his
cage if I have it open. I don't think he realizes the distance. He
hasn't hurt himself in anyway. I just sometimes have to help him find the
treats etc. His litterbox habits have suffered, I'm not sure if it's his
sight or just his age. Next check up have your vet look at the eye but
most likely it's not a big deal.

So I have a blind ferret, a deaf ferret, a tailless ferret and the rest
are just crazy!

Amy Robbin