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From: Trish Black
Date: 2003-10-16 12:59:25 UTC
Subject: Need Vet in Lakewood, OH
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Hello all. Our thoughts are with all of you with lost or sick fuzzies. It's been a busy time this year and I haven't been online. We've just moved to Lakewood, Ohio and wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a knowledgable ferret vet in the Lakewood area (NE Ohio, west of Cleveland)? Our current vet is in Barberton, which is now about 1.5 hour away. Pippin may need adrenal surgery soon so I'm trying to find a vet a little closer as I may need to go there more often. Since this is a critical time I'd prefer to find out all I can about the vet beforehand.

Please email me directly at

P.S. Valerie - I hope Mikey is doing better

Thanks, Trish ~ Pippin, Zira & Hannah **missing Merry**