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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2003-10-29 05:52:49 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Not responding to Lupron
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You could check with your vet about the dose of Lupron as Mike suggested,
but based on how she is behaving I think even if it is a risk, surgery ma be
the best way to go. I agree you have to do something, what is happening
with her now and the stress are only making things worse and really what is
her quality of life? I think the longer you go the worse her risk, if your
vet is uncomfortable you could always see if another vet feels any better
with it. I think that if you go in thinking the worse you might be
surprised. I hope you can make a decison that is right for all, but always
consider her quality of life in doing so. You love her so make the best
decision that shows your love and the rest in in God's hands. Good Luck and
let us know what you end up doing.

Sue Liszewski DVM

>Subject: [ferrethealth] Not responding to Lupron
>Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 13:25:25 EST
>I took in a 6 year old female ferret several months ago. I was told before
>taking her in that she was adrenal and that her owners just couldn't give
>the care that she needed. I was told that she was up to date with all
>vaccinations and that she had been "diagnosed" with adrenal disease. It
>turns out
>that she had only been to the vet twice in 6 years, once for an exam when
>first got her and once for an emergency blockage about a year later.
>My hope was for surgery but after x-rays and bloodwork the doctors didn't
>think she was a good surgical candidate. The x-rays showed an enlarged,
>heart. I don't have her blood results here in front of me but some of the
>numbers concerned my vet. We've had 3 monthly Lupron shots and she's
>I've seen no improvement at all, in fact her itching and her aggression
>worsened. She's also not tolerating the trips to the vet very well, she
>frightened to the point of urinating all over everyone and she lunges to
>anyone she can get near. At home she's very aggressive to both people and
>ferrets. She's either sleeping or itching all of the time. At the last
>visit the doctor contemplated surgery again and she's just not comfortable
>that this ferret will do well. Do I have any other options? Should I take
>surgical risk based on the fact that I have to do SOMETHING to make her
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