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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2003-10-29 06:02:28 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] My own yellow ferret - blood test results
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I know the yellow is due to a bile duct obstruction and in her case it is
probably secondary to cancer, but sometmes it really is just an obstruction.
Treatment may help but may not. I don't know if you are on any other meds
but ones to consider are Milk Thistle (this is good for the liver and I
recently read it might help improve glucose levels, don't know for sure but
it can't hurt), I also use SAMe an antioxidant for the liver among other
things. Flagly in addition to the clavamox but only if it doesn't stress
her too much, and fluids is the combination I used and the yellow got
better, I ended up going to surgery since he was teeth grinding and he did
have a bile duct obstruction and we were able to unblock it and thre was no
cancer. I also believe he was passing black dark stools so I had him on
Pepcid and Carafate too which did help. Her main liver values aren't that
bad so I feel it truly is an obstruction and the only possible way to find
out if you can fix it is surgery and you need to see if it is something
worth doing. The liver in the guy I treated was totally normal in
appearence etc. I do not know the cause of the obstruction but if it were
sludging or stones another treatment would be Actigal to help dissolve them.

Hope this helps. Good Luck and let us know what happens.

Sue Liszewski DVM

>Subject: [ferrethealth] My own yellow ferret - blood test results
>Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 17:34:15 +0000 (GMT)
>Last Saturday I took my ferret Meiko into the vet because I noticed that
>her skin all over is yellow. Her urine was a dark amber color as well.
>Meiko has insulinoma and is adrenal. She has had both her adrenal glands
>out but is still exhibiting symptoms and just finished the 3 month Lupron
>injections. She takes prednisone and diazoxide at the max levels for her
>body weight. Her glucose level has remained low despite these medications.
>The vet prescribed Clavamox for 7 days, but I thought I'd post her blood
>test results for any other comments / suggestions from the list. I'm not
>sure what all the results mean and the vet wasn't very informative. I know
>that given her medical problems and her age of 7 years, I probably don't
>have much more time with her, but I'd like to be as proactive as possible
>regarding treatment of this problem. Here are her results:
>Complete Blood Count:
>Hemoglobin 9.1 (LOW)
>Hematocrit 26.2 (LOW)
>WBC 2.6
>RBC 4.15 (LOW)
>MCV 63
>MCH 21.9 (HIGH)
>MCHC 34.7
>Platelet Count 220 (LOW)
>Platelet Estimate Adequate
>Differential Absolute
>Neutrophils 1690 65%
>Bands 0 0
>Lymphocytes 702 27%
>Monocytes 182 7%
>Eosinphils 26 1%
>Basophils 0 0
>Hypochromia Slight
>Polychromasia Moderate
>Mammalian Standard Chemistries
>Glucose 44 (LOW)
>Utra Nitrogen 28
>Creatinine .6
>Total Protein 6.5
>Total Bilirubin 3.1 (HIGH)
>Alkaline Phosphatase 57 (HIGH)
>ALT (SGPT) 113
>Calcium 6.0 (LOW)
>Phospohorus 4.8
>Thanks, any help with understanding the results above would be great!
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