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Date: 2003-11-01 13:53:27 UTC
Subject: wood pellets
Message-ID: <>

I have been using wood pellets for several years with no problems. I love them not only for the economy of them but that the wood absorbs the odors of the ferret waste. I started using them in Wisconsin, Marth brand, and believe they may be of aspen which is widly grown in the area for paper. Down here in Arizona there are a couple brands from lumber production in the east central part of the state and it is probably from Ponderosa pine. William, are you worried about cedar chips, thinking it is the same as pine? Not. But hemlock and larch are closer relatives of pines.
I have devised a simple pellet sifter to get rid of the sawdust and anyone else who wants the plan just email me. I've sent it to maybe 20 people so far. By sifting out the sawdust resulting from urine wetting it gets rid of the odor, too. After sifting it looks like new.
Send requests for the plan to Simply put, it is a frame of lumber with 1/4 " hardware cloth stapled on it.

Carol O.

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