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From: <>
Date: 2003-11-05 19:35:46 UTC
Subject: Pertwee's necropsy -- hepatic cell carcinoma
To: <>
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Hi, everyone,

I have (verbally) received the necropsy report for Petwee, our 5 year old
albino boy who died five hours after dental work two weeks ago. The report
(which I have yet to see) says he died of hepatic cell carcinoma (liver
cancer). A large mass on his liver ruptured causing his death.

We had no idea anything was seriously wrong with Pertwee. He was complete
asymptomatic. This raises some questions for me:

1> Am I correct in assuming his death had nothing to do with the dental
work and the small growth that was removed (by cautery) from behind his ear?
Is the fact that he died at the vet's office coincidence?

2> Is there any way this could have been detected? If so, could anything
have been done to save him if we had known?

Pertwee had a long and particularly challenging medical history, including
heliobacter and adrenal disease at age one, adrenal again at one and a half,
unilateral polycystic disease and age one and a half, and chronic
pancreatitis from age three. He had been on dexamethasone and
fludocortisone (sp?) long term as well as Viokase-V mixed into chicken
gravy. I can give dosages if they are at all relevant.

I had a lot invested in Pertwee, both financially and, of course,
emotionally. His personality was very different from any other ferret I've
had and I miss him terribly. I am posting these questions in the hope
answers might help another ferret owner keep another ferret going some day.

All the best,